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PictureHello to all of the VMRC club members, and to those that would like to be a member. This spring and summer is starting out with a bang! We have had 17 miners join our club since the first of this year, so we send them a heartfelt WELCOME, you are now part of the best gold club in this great nation. The price of gold just keeps climbing and the interest in prospecting is the highest it has been since the California gold rush hit in 1849, when the miners here in NC threw down their picks and shovels and headed out to Ca. and left the gold here in NC lying still uncovered in the numerous veins that cross our area here,just waiting for the miners of the VMRC to get out into the streams and get the golden nuggets that are waiting to be released from their hiding places. We have had lots of rain this winter and spring and the creeks and rivers are stirring up and moving more gold downstream to be recovered.

Our club house has proved to be very useful this year, we have been able to build a big roaring fire in the beautiful fireplace and enjoy the time with our fellow members, listening to the music of some of our members and the numerous bands that come play for us. If you enjoy a good game of "foolish rummy" then you will want to get in on one of the ladies games. For those that want to shoot a game of pool, that is now available too, as we have just placed a pool table in the club house. Don't forget about the game of horseshoes that goes on every night, come and try to out throw the champs! A great way to relax after a busy day of panning for gold.

We would like to thank all the members that helped to build the new stage in the club house, it is now larger and stronger, thanks to Doug Emerson, Dewayne Custred, Russell Floyd and others, THANKS, for a great job, well done! It will be perfect for our annual 4th of July celebration as we enjoy a BBQ and lots of good music and a fantastic fireworks display. I am so proud of all the members of the VMRC, the seasoned prospectors are always ready to lend a hand or teach a new miner some of the tricks of the trade. Remember to come out and participate in the club digs and get some gold and the joy of being with the best miners anywhere!

Golden Trails to You
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» The VMRC


The VMRC is located at the Lucky Strike Gold and Gem mine, Vein Mountain in Marion, NC. We provide, through our membership, the shared knowledge and properties for recreational prospecting. If you are new to prospecting or a seasoned miner this is the club for you. Our membership spans from the Northeast to the Midwest and through the South. Our Club digs and Miners Meet Weekends are at the Lucky Strike Gold and Gem mine, Vein Mountain in Marion, NC. Plan a vacation to meet with us some time soon.

Annual club auction will be on Sept. 1st 2013

This year our club auction will be on Sept. 3rd which is the Saturday during the 5-day Common Dig Labor Day weekend. This is a great time for all. The proceeds all go to the club. Come and see what treasurers you can't live without and "bid it up". We all have a great time. Plus, you will be helping out with the club and the clubhouse. If you have some things you no longer want, you could donate them to the auction. We have a great time and the weekend is full of fun. Be sure to come if you can.

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Dr.Daniel Hummel Hosler


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Please come as much as you can to enjoy all activities. We have a great club and lots of very nice, friendly people.

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We hope each and everyone of you have an exciting and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ! !

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John Nickoden

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Gold Wash Plant

Available for Rent

The wash plant can be rented for $750.00 per day (with a minimum of at least 2 days) to any club or group of people, including VMRC members who might be interested. Anything found belongs to the group. Doug will supply the backhoe, material, backhoe operator and the plant, BUT, he will need a 2 week notice in advance. If you are interested, call and let Doug know. (828) 738-4893.

For Sale

Swap and Shop

Just write it up and send it to:
Lucky Strike Campground
251 Lucky Strike Drive
Marion, NC 28752
Attn: Lorie Thomas

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